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Thread: Oh No I Did Squats And Locked My Knees And Hurt The Tissue In Your Knee What Do I Do

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    Oh No I Did Squats And Locked My Knees And Hurt The Tissue In Your Knee What Do I Do

    im not sure what happens in your knees when you lock them with squats but i was wondering how do you heal from whatever it destroys?

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    Locking your legs does NOT destroy anything.
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    If you are really concerned about it go see a Doctor.
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    ^ yup

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    Your leg will probably fall off, or something.

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    Are you extending your knees past your toes when you're squatting? That would put a lot of unnecessary pressure on them.

    Also, if they hurt... and you've been squatting a LONG's probably a build up of scar tissue.

    I doubt it's a big deal, suck it up.


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