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Thread: A Routine and some Questions

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    sorry, another routine.

    Hey, i have been going to the gym for about 4 months and i have been using a program the trainers at the gym have given me, we change it every 1-2 months but he always has me on a split where i hit each body part twice a week.

    Is this over training? is one week sufficent.

    i have made this program and was woundering on what you guys would change or comment on.

    i usally go 12,10,8,6 with the reps and bump up the weight each time.

    Sunday: Back tri's

    assisited pull ups(untill i can do normal pull ups)
    seated cable row
    bent over barbell row

    tricept dips
    skull crushers
    over head rope extensions

    monday off

    Tuesday: Chest Bicepts

    Flat bench
    incline DB bench
    lower cable crossovers

    barbell curls
    twisting bicept curl
    hammer curls

    Wednesday: Legs forearms

    leg extensions
    leg curls
    calve raises

    cable forearm curls
    wrist rollers
    dead hangs

    thursday off

    Friday: Shoulders abs

    Military press
    dumbell press
    laterial raises

    weightrd crunches
    ab machine

    im sorry, i know you guys get heaps of these but i just need some opinions.

    Thanks, Matt
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    Trying to learn on the fly
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    it looks alright, but if i or were you, i would use either that or wbb1 and fire that trainer. read as much as you can, and when you stop making gains make your own routine

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    thanks for your reply, the only reason i would like to do this one is i like to get to the gym 4 times a week if possble.

    also do you think that this is to many exercises or to much volume?

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    Trying to learn on the fly
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    Dec 2004
    like i said, it is ok. the main point i had above was for you to read as much as you can find about weightlifting, bodybuilding, nutrition, etc.(trust me, there is a LOT out there), and when you feel you know enough, make your own routine


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