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Thread: Critique my squat form (videos included)

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    Critique my squat form (videos included)

    I have made 2 vids of me squatting just because I want to get some feedback from the members here if I am doing them good enough.

    Here is a video of me doing 185, one of my warmup sets:

    Here is one of me doing 275 for one of my working sets:

    Note each of these is about ~3mb. If most of you don't have broadband I can try to find something to compress them with. Thanks.
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    you lose form a little after your first rep, it looks like you're comign out of the hole leaning a little too far forward. my comp is being ******ed and i'm seeing it all choppy so it may just be on my end

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    watch the bar, i'm seeing it move forward a little bit coming out of the hole. when i squat the bar moves straight up and down, no back and forth

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    After viewing the first one, the form looked pretty good. You did lean a little too far forward coming back up.

    Overall you look like you need how to tighten up through the entire lift, digging your heals in when you're at the bottom and pushing through your heals. Its gets dodgey when you get stuck a bit down there, the weight didn't look too heavy for you so it should be one smooth motion.

    Also, it didn't look like your knees were over your toes but it looked as if they were borderline. I think if you put your feet a little more out infront of you and sat further back you would be dead on.

    Overall your form looks pretty good.
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    the just watched the 275 vid.
    Overall it looked pretty good.
    2 things to fix:
    1) Make the first thing to move be your ass sticking back.
    2) When you hit bottom, make sure to drive back with your head hard. Its tough to master, but it helps a ton! It keeps you from doing a good am with the weight.
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    ^ Ya... coming out of the hole, your hips move first, your torso stays stationary, and then you 'good morning' the weight up a little bit to compensate.

    I personally overcame that issue by taking an extra wide grip on the bar and 'pulling' the bar down with my hands when I start the push.
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    i make sure i look as upright as possible, sometimes i go too far and rock back to my heels a little
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    Overall your form is good. I looked at your heels and it looks like your rocking onto your toes when you come out of the bottom of the squat. This can lead to, too much forward leaning, which places more stress on the lower back.

    Other than that, great job!
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    yea, exactly what they said

    let me add it looks as though the first thing to move is ur ass, but it goes straigh up in stead of up and forward, id say ur using to much back maybe, try and keep it straight and linearly going up as ur thighs make a larger angle with ur calves
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