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Thread: Help a bro out

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    Help a bro out

    Good evening all. I have been a lurker on this forum for awhile, and have been impressed, so decided to join. A little background. I am a 21 year old w/m, 5'7" 150 lbs. Prob 14%. I used to be in pretty good shape, and was pretty muscular. I have lost some muscle and put on some fat, but nothing terrible. I am a fulltime college student, and also a police officer. I am looking for some serious advice on getting bigger, and I am really motivated and committed to doing things right. It is important to me that I gain size and cut up, as it would make life easier on the street as an officer. I am pretty small now, and that is inherently a bad thing. I have been somewhat muscular before, but I feel like I am doing things inefficiently and lose motivation. Soooo, if someone wouldnt mind taking me under their wing, I would be forever grateful. I am looking for advice on:

    -Work out regimen (Gain muscle mass, become 160 lbs maybe?)
    -Diet regimen (tighten up)
    -Things I can do during the day and on shift to increase size/lose fat
    -Info on pro-hormones
    -Anything else you feel pertinent

    Again, if anyone has the energy and motivation to help me out, I would be very appreciative. Im sure there are people here that hate cops and so on, but I am really just a 21 y/o guy trying to get through school who wants to look/feel better and gain size. The only reason I think mentioning I an a PO is pertinent is there are unique factors in my schedule that need to be considered. Anyways, stay big and out of trouble. Thanks in advance for the advice. My email is

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    Have you looked at the routines on this site? Try them.

    Make a journal for all to see your progress.
    The link in my sig to my own dietary guidelines may be helpful.
    There is also a sticky somewhere about the shopping list of bodybuilders here.

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    i would suggest wbb1, and that you read the what a bodybuilder eats sticky in diet and nutrition. don't worry about any kind of supplements until you have a good diet and routie down. if you want to get bigger then eat but make sure it is clean(stuff from the sticky). i would suggest you focus on bulking first then cutting

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