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    Quick Question

    I just worked out some upper body yesterday, like doing benching and curls. Do you think i would be able to do it today because my arms arent sore at all? I know that even though they arent sore they might still be healing.

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    How hard did you hit your upper body yesterday? What was your workout?

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    Well the main thing I want to do today is bench press. And I did 3 sets of a weight I could do 10 times. Then upped it and did another set of something I could do only 8 times.

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    I'd probably wait until at least Saturday

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    first off, soreness is NOT a gauge of how much you worked your muscles. second, you said you did bench and curls for upper body, what about your back, triceps, and shoulders? they are part of your upper body and need to be worked too. third, you can work your body as much as you would like but you probably won't get **** for results. i would STRONGLY reccommend you start wbb1

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    You CAN workout bi's and chest everyday........But don't expect any results other than soar joints.
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