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Thread: New Split,,,,Can you guys take a look PLEASE....

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    New Split,,,,Can you guys take a look PLEASE....

    Can you guys have a look at this and tell me if its a good bodybuilding workout.,,...I wana look like rocky in rocky part 4....Very lean but BIG and ripped....I need lots of cardio cause im a boxer.....Thank you guys, "plus all the protein and carbo im taking.""

    Day1.......Chest, shoulders
    Day2.......Abs, Cardio
    Day3.......Back, Legs
    Day4.......Abs, Cardio
    Day5.......Bicep, Triceps.

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    but not that small either
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    I thought you were a shootfighter???

    By the way, it sucked that you lost to Fujita even though you kicked his ass.

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    ken: looks routine looks fine, post ur exersices and sets so we can evaulate more
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    age: 19
    height: 5'8'' (im lieing its probably 5'7'')
    weight: 159-165 lbs (morning and day)
    bodyfat: 8.6

    goals for end of the year 405/500/600 at 170-175(with the 8pack)

    other: dips 3 and a quarter plates for 4 reps

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    Can I have your autograph? I wouldn't suggest putting back and legs together on the same day, but if you progress from it, go for it.

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    are days 6 and 7 rest? should have at least 2 days rest after triceps before doing chest AND shoulders again. ya don't want tired triceps ruining a good chest workout.
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    I would suggest the following split.
    day 1-shoulders,triceps
    day 2-back
    day 3-rest
    day 4-legs
    day 5-chest,biceps
    day 6 and 7 rest

    **abs and cardio done at your own discretion**
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    Monday: Shoulders/Biceps

    Wednesday: Legs

    Friday: Chest

    Saturday: Back
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    As per my usual recomendations I will say go with push/pull/legs, which will leave you with 4 days for rest/cardio in a week.

    I agree that you need to make sure there are a couple days between day5 and day1 as you will have trouble doing chest and even shoulders to some extent if your tris are still recovering.
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