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    I started eating this grain called Quinoa. It's pronounced keen-wah. It's a complete protein and is suppost to have more protein concentration than most grains. You can put it in salads, rice, anything! It's great and has almost no taste. Check out the link on more info. I love this stuff!
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    i buy it often!
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    Good stuff, just don't eat a whole bowl of it plain. I gotta stay away from it for a while. lol

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    Yeah, it's good stuff. It's a bit expensive here for use as a staple, and oatmeal is quicker. I wouldn't say it's a complete protein, just a slightly higher amount of protein than other grains, but not enough to really be worried about. If you want to use it to vary your diet, go ahead, but I'll stick with Oats as a staple in my diet.

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    I've tried it but didn't really care for the texture. I prefer bulgar wheat.

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    i saw it used on the food network, on a show where the people were tryin to lose weight...i think they stuffed it into some type of crepe and made a blueberry sauce to go over it or somethin...looked pretty good...
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