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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

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Thread: Shoulder pain

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    Wannabebig Member
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    Jul 2001

    Shoulder pain

    Ok I have shoulder pain in my right shoulder. Here's what happened: I decided to work chest by doing 3 x 12 for both incline and decline bench. Not being used to this high number of reps my arms were getting tired and my shoulders took over to compensate. Now I have a nagging right shoulder. 2 Q's for everyone: 1) what are the best shoulder warmup stretches you know of, & 2) what can I do to increase my strength so my shoulders do not continue overcompensating for my bench moves (ex./ strengthening exercises for lats, tris, etc.) Thanks in advance!!

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    Senior Member CBates's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    Dallas, TX
    I had the same thing happen to me. I'm just going to end up taking the week off of bench press to get my shoulder back. My shoulder fine when no pressure is on it, but as soon as I do bench it hurts like hell. This happened to me like last year and I just took a week off from bench and my shoulder was fine after that.

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    Player Hater PowerManDL's Avatar
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    Main things--

    Work your rotator cuff. That's where a lot of shoulder pain comes from. It may not be the cause of your problem, but it certainly won't hurt.

    Do more work on your triceps. They carry the load through the same ROM as the delts, so emphasizing the tri's can help with that.

    As far as warm up stretches, I don't know if the warm up is that important. However, intra-set stretches can help. The only real one I can think of is to hold your arm directly to your side, then pull it back behind you. PNF and/or dynamic stretches would be ideal; you can find more info about this on the web.
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    Stand facing a wall at arms length and let your index and middle fingers "walk" up the wall and back down. Then stand perpendicular to the wall and do the same thing. This was a big one when I tore my rotator cuff a few years ago.

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    Senior Member Darcy Tucker's Avatar
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    Jan 2001
    Kaleido I'm going through hell with my shoulder. Did you have surgery? How is your shoulder now>?

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    Wannabebig Member
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    Jul 2001
    Thanks for the replies everyone!

    DT - I had surgery on my left shoulder a year and a half ago. They read the MRI as a torn rotator cuff. Planned on shaving part of the bone on my shoulder to give clearance for when I raised my arm as well as fixing the tear. Turned out they were wrong. There was no tear, so they just shaved back the bone. Feels great now.

    I'm not benching again until next Sat. to rest it for a week along with stretches. I did shoulders today, but VERY light for me.

    Will increase my triceps work and really focus on form.

    Thanks again!

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    . Delphi's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    How much pain did you have from the surgery? What kind of restrictions has your orthopedist placed on you?

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    Wannabebig Member
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    Jul 2001
    I did have quite a bit of pain, but I'll tell you the drugs during the surgery were great - deepest sleep I've had in years!!

    I began rehab the next day, but could only take my arm about an inch from my left hip. Slowly began raising it more and more thru the rehab. My rehab was my gym experience for the next 2 months (or thereabouts). With patience and work came the healing.

    Bottom line - I'd do it all over again! It was worth getting the shoulder fixed. I have NO PAIN at all in that shoulder and full range of motion and my strength is 100%!

    For now I'm doing stretches on my right shoulder and being smarter than I was with the left shoulder. Felt pretty good during this am's workout. Time will tell though.


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