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    My training guide

    Hi all.

    I've been using this routine for a good 5-6 weeks and now it's time for a change.

    Anyway, just wonderig, what do you all think about it

    Mon - Chest (4)
    Tue- Back (4)
    Wed - Legs (4) + 1 for calves
    Thur - shoulders/bi/tri (6)
    ABS - mon, tue & thur before my workouts (2-3 excercises)
    cardio - 5 mins before workout/ab workout

    () are the # of excercies I did.
    Usually every week or two I change to totally different excercises so my body doesen't get used to them..

    The days are not exactly there, I might miss a day so it moves onto friday, or saturday

    What do you guys think about the above routine?

    Anyone have any ideas for a change up for next week

    **For a bit of history on me

    im 5'11 - 160lbs toothpick , been working out for a year on and off and most of the time incorrectly so as you can see, im still learning and have learned hell of a lot in the past year and have lots more to learn

    Basically my goals are to bulk up and gain some weight but at the same time have some abs.
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