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Thread: sore back from leg press??

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    sore back from leg press??

    hey guys, i was curious of two things.. one: does anyone else ever have a sore lower back after doing leg presses? its a decline leg press, and i usually do it as extra leg work after doing some heavy squats. The squats don't hurt my lower back at all, it might make it a little sore, but thats different. I can feel my lower back being pushed on, and it hurts a bit, when I'm doing the leg presses, especially at higher weights, and today my lower back is still sore, but not the good kind of sore. The second thing I was wondering is that since the leg presses do irritate my back, can anyone recommend another exercise to do in place of them? I always start out with squats and go hard, sometimes I don't even throw in the extra leg work afterwards, but I think it might have been helping my squat go up a bit, so I'd like to continue with something at least. Thanks.

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    I have a similar problem...My back tends to ease up after a few days but i tried pressing on a machine only and got the same result? i thought the machine would isolate my legs to take the strain off my lower back...but i still went away with a sore back? I tried the machine to try and get more strength in my legs as regular squatting tends to put a strain on my back with the weight i require to work my legs. I realise i should lower the weight to get better form but thought "I'll try the machine to see if i get the same problem" and i did!?
    I've been doing SLDL and Deadlifts to try get some strength in my lower back but i feel i have have a problem with my back that i need to get it looked at.
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