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Thread: the DBZ conspiracy and how it happened

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    I just started to get Cartoon Network about 2 months ago. DBZ is now one of my favorite shows!!
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    Is cartoon network done replaying the Cell saga yet?

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    Originally posted by Buff
    Is cartoon network done replaying the Cell saga yet?
    I'd assume so Buff.I live in Canada so the new episodes YTV gets are on an episode by episode basis and right now I'm watching the Buu saga.So if Canada is getting Buu saga episodes you can bet that the US is as well

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    Yeah, it cut off where Vegeta blew up himself and Buu. Just watched that episode tonight, in fact. The final scenes are kinda moving for a cartoon.
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    Just curious on the difference between people raving about DragonBall and my grandmother threatening to beat up my aunt if she doesn't let her tape Young and the Restless.

    Doesn't seem like it's really an original concept to get the crowd hooked. It's a continuing saga, and so is the lady who's husband's best friend's cousin's second cousin's brother in law who married his sister's best friend's boyfriend's prom date when they were back in high school.

    I just think the whole thing is overhyped.
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    yeah, but the outfits are way cooler then on Y&R. Not to mention no one on soap operas has super powers.

    and then there's the whole seizure-causing thing, which if nothing else, is a pretty cool side affect.
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