Part 1
The Truth Behind the Characters

You all know about how Goku is the star of the show, Gohan is
his son, Vegeta is an emotionally unbalanced Saiya-jin... Well,
these characters aren't all that they appear to be. In fact, they
are much, much more...

And no, denial can't save you from the truth.

Here is where I will explain the purposes and hypnotic effect
of the main characters to you.

Goku. The star of the show, what is it about this pure of heart
character that causes the fans to become hooked? Because he
is strong, stronger than any other character, because he is an
idiot, and being an idiot allows for humor scenes which make
him even more loved. Because he is the 'cool' character of the
show and thus appeals to kids in particular.

Vegeta. The emotionally unbalanced Saiya-jin. Why do so many
people like him? Because he is the 'bad-ass' of the show. The
bad guy among the good guys. He has a temper, is a jerk and
tries to do whatever he pleases. This makes him snare a lot of
fans because he appeals to the dark sides of people. He does
what they would like to do but cannot due to society's standards.

Gohan. The sweet and adorable kid. what would be so bad about
liking him you might ask? Well, it's because he is so adorable
that he snares a lot of admirers. People become addicted to his
cute face and big anime eyes.

Piccolo. Piccolo... The planner, the character that seems to think
a bit more than the rest, that seems to know what's going on best.
The one who is in desperate need of a video set on how to be
happy. Why does he appeal to folks? Because he is generally smarter
than most of the other characters, though he does do his share
of stupid stuff, he does seem to understand things a bit better.
He also looks 'cool and different' which also appeals to many
folks, making Toriyama's army even larger.

Kuririn. Kuririn, the fella that just can't seem to get a break. Why
does he appeal to people? Because he is funny. Because he
gets to make all of the cracks at the villains during battles, because
he is the comic relief character. But despite his comedic
antics, he still remains a fairly powerful character, fighting to the
last breath alongside Goku and his friends. Which makes him
even more loved.

Bulma. The loud one. The 'I am woman hear me roar' one. The only
person on the face of the earth that can make Vegeta do something
he does not want to do. Her personality appeals to the female fans
and her looks appeal to the male fans. She's pretty, rich, and married
to the second most powerful Saiya-jin. Making a ton of female fans
like her and making Toriyama's army bigger...

Mirai Trunks. He's polite, powerful, cute, and dresses better than
most of the other characters. What's not to like about him? He has
a tragic past and an unknown future. He appeals greatly to the female
fans and there a many shrines to him. The most notable is Temple 'O
Trunks by the horribly brainwashed Meri. Why else would someone
devote so much time to one character unless they were totally
brainwashed? Unfortunately, Meri is a subby that is too far gone to
be spared. A simple bullet should suffice for her. And don't feel
guilty about it when you do her in, she, the staff at Planet Namek,
and the folks at DaizenshuEX are all future generals for Toriyama
due to their influence and power over the fan population.

More to come...

As you have just seen, the characters have a broad range of
appeal, their hypnotic effect makes people want more and more
of them and hooks them onto the show. Toriyama's army is
getting even larger as you read this.