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    Lower Abs

    Finding it very difficult to see the definition in the lower abs. Can't seem to get that 8 pack look...Anyone know of any lower ab exercises that they find really work. Been doing jack-knife situps and incline leg-hip raises and can't seem to get that tone. is it body fat on the lower abs that's in my way? More cardio??? Hydroxycut??? Any opinions would be appreciated.

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    Abs are made in the kitchen.

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    agreed although the bigger they are and the more seperation you get between the muscles the better they will show through any fat that is there. I like hanging knee raises and bicycle crunches for my lower abs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SDhick
    Abs are made in the kitchen.
    What do u mean by that?

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    Abs are made in the kitchen.
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    It means diet determines the visibility of your abs.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    Also the abs contract together, not as a lower and upper unit. Work on dieting, that will be the key.
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