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Thread: Bulk OR Cut, That is the Question

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    Bulk OR Cut, That is the Question


    Weight: 201
    Height: 6foot
    Box Squat: 295x3
    Bench: DB 100x6
    DL: 365x7

    Now, back to the subject question, should i continue the bulk (I do not like my BF% right now). As i am getting married on July 16th 2005, and going for a honey moon directly after, i want to be ripped for whatever beach we decide to goto.... So bulk or cut?

    As well if you see any weak area's please let me know. (my legs are falling behind again), but i have just revamped my leg day...
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    More pics...
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    Legs Need A Lot Of Work

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    Squats, brotherman. Squats. I'd eat a very clean diet and maybe try to maintain for a while. You've got plenty of time.
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    BP 430x1 (shirted), 320x1 (raw)
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    My legday now looks like this:
    ATF squat 2x10
    Box Squat 2x3-5
    Squat (heel raised) 2x10
    SLDL 2x10
    Ham Curl 2x6-8
    Calf Raise 2-10
    Standing Calf 3x10

    I should have take a picture full body, my legs are falling behind, but they have more size and definition then that picture shows.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    Bulk!! Eat and lift!!!

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    Trying to learn on the fly
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    you answered the question yourself. you said you don't like your BF% and when you bulk it will go up. i would say bulk then cut but if you are uncomfortable with your current condition, then cut

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    Why you only do 2 sets per workout. Jump that up to 4, ATLEAST 3..... I would say for a weak part, your legs def. but the pics werent that good either. Not a lot of posing, just standing there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pitfan04
    Why you only do 2 sets per workout. Jump that up to 4, ATLEAST 3..... I would say for a weak part, your legs def. but the pics werent that good either. Not a lot of posing, just standing there.

    LOL, why? Total volume is more important than the volume on each exercise.

    How are your legs progressing? If your unsatisfied with your BF and want to look as good as possible for your honeymoon, cut and bulk afterwords. It all depends on what you personally want.
    Diet is key, the calorie is king

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    I would ditch the box and heel raised squats and just do more atf sets. I dont think you need them, well maybe the box squats if you are into PLn.
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    ericg, I like to think i am into PLn.

    I will keep the boxes, but is it general consensis that i should up the number of sets?

    my past routine had me doing squat (3 sets atf), leg press, leg extension. Unfortanitly i maxed both he leg press 8 plates a side (without going one leg) and the leg extension (with going one leg, and having weight pinned on the front, with a person standing on it) (250 for the stack+45 for the pinned plate+200ish for the person). So i KNOW that it is not a strengh issue, they just will not grow.

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    if you have a proablem with them not growing switch up your routine.. ie doing high reps with decent ammount of weight or low low rep squats with heavy weight..

    i wouldnt say cut but it is always how you feel comfort wise..
    bp-295x2, 225x15 squat-405x3
    height 5'2 weight 140lbs

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    Bulk, without a doubt.

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    I say will make your wife happier...and make you feel more comfortable....since you will be half naked on the it will make for great pictures to show your kids one can brag about how jacked you used to cut are trying to get...I would recommend getting around 7% if you can...good luck...congratulations on the upcoming marriage

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    Thanks, Gad belive it or not the wife like it when i have more cusioning, softer to "sit" on lets say.

    I want to put on more size, but i also want to be low low bf for the honey moon (I want the pictures to show how "jacked" i am). I am just wondering, do I have enough time to bulk and then cut down to ~7% before Mid July?

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    You can handle another few weeks of bulking, if you know how to diet well.
    20 y/o, 6'1", 186 lbs, 14% BF
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    I would say bulk for another month or so than cut if you like.
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    Cut then bulk.

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    I quess the true question is: how do you feel about yourself right now...if you wish to be leaner then cut or if you desire to be bigger then bulk.

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