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    Quick question

    Is it possible to be gaining muscle mass and weight yet losing fat on a cut? I'm trying to cut, but I'm not counting calories at this point. Just a quick y/n answer is good enough for me, but if you feel the urge to explain that is awesome too.

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    thats kinda what im aimin to do. i dont think it really works that way but what i do is littl eby little gaining muscle mass ,a nd cuttin wit cardio.

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    I think it is possible with a really really good, clean diet. But you have to start counting your calories or else it'll be like walking with your eyes closed. your result may take longer than bulk first and then cut.

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    Yes. I gained muscle and cut fat for a couple years by not counting calories. I'm a hardgainer so it was easier for me than it might be for you. It's probably best to count calories and try to find an amount that keeps your weight as close to the same as possible. Or just eat normal and take a good b-complex vitamin and/or energy drinks or something to boost your metabolic rate.
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