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Steals: people are not excited by the steal but rather the offense that is generated from them
Boards are boring
Blocks are only exciting about 50% of the time.

Did you watch the piston's last year? When they held their opps to something like 60 points a night and scored 70? Those were brutal games to watch. All the buckets were grind out the offense in a 1/2 court situation. Defense vs defense = boring

interceptions -> turn into offense quickly. Even if it doesn't there is an intial jolt of excitment but I get bored quickly if it it is a punt fest. Defensive football turns into a punt fest which barely anyone enjoys.
I'm not arguing for defensive sports, I don't particularly like defensive games in any sport regardless of what the context is. I'm just saying, a lot of aspects of defense in sports other than hockey can be exciting. The thing about turnovers in basketball/football is that they are momentum swings and momentum swings are usually exciting.