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Thread: seeking advice for my boy

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    seeking advice for my boy

    hey i noticed my boy aint got much body fat on him except on the outer pecs like when he flexes we all kinda laugh at him cause hez got a line running across the nipple area and he was kinda down about it and wanted to know what he can do to get that i told him id check out some info on it, he benches and all that **** even though he started only 2 months ago. what do yall suggest? his body fat is like 11% i believe

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    all i can suggest is do more cardio since you can't spot reduce an area.

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    yah thatz what vido told me too

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    How old is he? It might just be baby fat that he'll grow out of , might be genetics.
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    I agree with Ares.. he may grow out of it if he's young enough. If not... Pec Deck machine flies (don't overload) and aerobics.. that is if he's old/developed enough.
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    Your kidding, right.........cut the crap.............What the real deal here???

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    wel az vido prob told ye, juss tel yo boy do mo' kardeeoh n maibee a cuttin' dyet.

    Though, I would recommend he BULKS to put on so muscle mass and stops caring about little fat on his chest for now. And make sure he works legs .
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