OK so as many of you know I'm 5'7" 105lbs guy and I'm trying to BULK (of course). I have checked many online calculators and asked a few supposed experts and apparently I'm supposed to consume my body weight x 18 to bulk up. At my weight that comes out to around 1800 cals... this seems really low to me.

everyone tells me I need to eat 3K-4K cals per day but then these calculators are telling me I need 1800 ONLY. Some people are telling me if I eat anymore than that I will gain lots of fat. Who is in the wrong here? I originally made a 3K cal diet that I really like but now im now sure if I should use it or cut back my cals to 1800 max.

What do you guys think? TIA

(i'll post my diet I made earlier in a min)