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    What do you do at a weight lifting competition? To you just lift and pose? I dont any 17 year olds that can lift more than me (in my city), so would i have a chance of winning. And I say i would be the only 18 and under in it anyway haha
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    are you talking about powerlifting or bodybuilding? because you seem like you were talking about both. in a powerlifting meet, you dont pose... you squat, bench, and deadlift. in a bodybuilding meet, you dont lift, you just pose.

    hope that helps.
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    You shouldnt have any trouble winning if your the only one it it. LOL

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    As long as your not disqualified
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    You havent met me.. Sike just kiddin, i wish their were more competers were i live to, i dont kno anyone that is a challange to my size. Its good to have someone its the best motavation.

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    I think you will be surprised how many strong teens are in your city if you do a meet.

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