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Thread: Complete muscular failure.

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    Complete muscular failure.

    Is it good to somtimes do sort of a "3 or 4 stage set" where you do as many as you can at a high weight then keep moving down right away doing a smany as you can. Like for chest, I would do 205 for bench for as mayn reps as i could, then run over to the chest press machine with a meoium weight and do that as many times as i can then go to the incline press machine that has a light weight and do that as many times, then go to the decline machine that has very low weight like 30 lbs and do that as many times as I can, and follow all that up with pushups, of which I can only do 4 or 5 at this point.

    Is this the best way to gain maximum hypertrophy

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    I'm not sure if you're talking about pyramiding but it's not very important and depends alot on how u like to do it. the key is progression

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    If pyramiding is waht i think it is, then no. The typical set is to do all you can, rest for a min or two then do another set. I am talking about doing your regular set to the max, and then right away with no rest, go do a similar exercise with lighter weight, then do another one with lighter weight untill you can barely lift your own arms. That would be one set, and you do like 4 of those.

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    Those are called "Dropsets". And if it works well for you then I suggest you keep doing them. Everyone is different.
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