ok so now, the 1.Des im gonna change my routine around again. ive used the one o use now for 12 weeks, and i still get sore after every workout. but its time for a change..please, give me some feedback and your opinions. cuz i got some question this time around too.

Day 1:
Quads and hams.
Leg ext: 2 warm up sets + 3 working sets
Front squat w/bb: 1 warm up set + 3 working sets
Single leg ext: 3 working sets
Seated Leg Curls: 1 warm up set + 4 working sets
SLDL: 4 working sets

As some of you know i had a little problem with my knee. but i found that front squat doesnt put as much stress on my knee as regular squats, mainly i think because of the difference in weight you are lifting. ive also thought abut adding some close feet leg presses, without full range of movment..to work the outer quad area. what do you all think of that?

Day 2:
Chest and triceps.
Flat DB press: 2 warm up sets + 3 working sets
Decline DB press: 3 working sets
Incline DB press: 3 working sets
Cable crossovers: 3 working sets
Dibs: 3 working sets
Triceps pullovers: 3 working sets
Pressdowns: 3 sets

Ive never done 3 press movments on chest before, so this should be interesting. hopefully this will ass some thickness to my lower part of my chest. the reason i use only dumbbells are that my wrist arent fully healed yest. and i enjoy the full range of movment, and i dont have to rely on a spotter. the triceps workout is pretty basic, i do triceps pullover instead of skull crushers because of my wrist.

Day 3:

Day 4:
Back and biceps.
Hyperextensions: 3 warm up sets
Chins: 3 working sets
pulldowns with an outside grip: 3 working sets
Barbell rows: 1 warm up set + 3 working sets
DB rows: 3 working sets
EZ bar curls: 1 warm up set + 3 working sets
Inclne DB cursl: 3 working sets
hammer curls: 3 working sets

ok..i have though alot about this. 5 exercises on back is more than ive ever done. i usually stick to 4. but ive never done 2 exercises for widening the back. and because of my height, a wide back is essential. so i thought id give it a try. the two row exercises are exellent exercises for thickness, something im hoping to gain as well. the biceps workout is solid too. start of with some ez bar curls, i have been doing curls with a a straight bar for ages, so this should prove interesting. incline curls are a classic, and so are hammer curls.

Day 5:
Shoulders, calves and abs.
DB shoulder press: 2 warm up sets + 3 working sets
DB laterals: 3 working sets
Single straight arm laterals: 3 working sets
Bent over laterals: 3 working sets
DB shrugs: 3 working sets
Seated calf raise: 1 warm up set + 3 working sets
Standing calf raise: 3 working sets
Leg raises: 2 working set
Side crunch: 1 working set
Twist crunch: 1 working set
Crunch: 2 working sets

Shoulders is a firly complex musclegroup to work. and o realy hate db presses, but i gotta do em. i do 2 exercises for medior delts this time around, mostly cuz they also hit the two other heads as well. shrugs are a must have. the calf training is basic, i change around what exercise i do first every week.

ok, please, let me hear your opinions. and explain why i should change it or not clearly.