Since Ive been out of the gym lately, from these herniated disks, Ive had alot time to think. Previously before the lay off, I was basically a 400lb bencher and incline wasnt far behind. I would also row 150lbs dumbbells for 32 reps. Arms were 18 3/4 and chest 49". Ive lost some size already. 1/2 and inch on the arms and an inch on the legs. Bodyweight is around 187lbs. Itll definately get worse, especially if I take a month or more off from training. So Im thinking some type of extreme bodyweight training might work for me. Ive never tried this before. I cant even do bodyweight exercise now without alot of pain in my spine. But Im probabally going to get some spinal shots to take down the inflammation. Then Im thinking maybe I can hit bodyweight training hard. Not sure if thatll **** up the disks but I likely wont feel it for a while. Im thinking maybe 250-500 push-ups a day or atleast a few times a week. Just brainstorming. Need to find a way to get around the injuries for now. Im wondering if that would build my chest up any. Maybe hit chin-ups in a similiar matter also. Though maybe only 100 reps a few times a week. Maybe everyday. Havent figured it all out yet. Hitting the arms I might do with light dumbbells (50lbs or so) for high reps. Maybe lighter depending how it effects my back. Wondering if I can get any growth training this way, if Im getting real sore (Ill find a way) and eating as I was. Anyone have any experience or feedback on this? All feedback is greatly appreciated!!