good points about my gym:

1 trainers dont breathe down my neck as much as they seem to in other gyms

2 the price is alright (about 32 dollars a month)

3 its usually rather quiet so there is never a wait for a machine or weight

4 i know quite some people in this gym, some school friends of mine go there

5 i get to tell them what music to play or bring my own

bad points about my gym

1 its not exactly suited for any hardcore stuff. the dumbbells only go up to 65 pounds, the leg press has fixed weights that only go up to 330 pounds, the heaviest plates are 50 pounds and theres only 2 of those

2 theres like 5 trainers walking around there and only 1 of them knows anything about training.

3 there is another gym in town that costs only 2 dollars a month more and is quite opposite of point 1 and has all this state of the art equipment

4 the gym has few members that are dedicated or serious or know anything about training. its really more a family gym.
lots of old folks too.

5 the gym has no power cage or squat rack.

6 opening hours in the weekend are pretty crappy.

9 am to 1 am.