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Thread: Mathematical Formula

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    Mathematical Formula

    Is there a mathematical formula to figure out the target number of calories a person should consume in a day based on whether they want to bulk or to cut? I've heard of adding 500-700 calories to bulk and drop 500-700cal per day to cut but from what target number do you start? I know there are daily recommended amounts but what about for the 200lbs male, or whatever weight, on a bodybuilding regimine?

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    There are quite a few formulas out there for calculating caloric intake; just do a search. They'll give you slightly different numbers but should provide a pretty good starting point on which to base your diet. Just remember that these are only general guides that are accurate for most people; don't be afraid to make adjustments if you aren't getting the results you want.
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    *Disclaimer* This is a broad generalization and varies depending on the individual.

    Cutting: BW x 12

    Maintenance: BW x 15

    Bulking: BW x 20
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    Everyone's metabolism is different. The best thing to do is count how many calories you take in eating the way you normally over a month or so and total them up. Then look at how much your weight changed or if it did at all, and change your diet accordingly. I know it's not as simple as plugging your bodyweight into an equation, but hey, life's not as simple as simple math.
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