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Thread: egg noodles

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    egg noodles

    hey ive done a search on this site and the everyone says they have a high carb rating but i have a book that lists ratings and it rates them at a 38 and brown rice is 50 is my book right that the egg noodles digest slower than brown rice?
    starting bulk weight 152 12.9% bf 01/01/04
    finish bulk weight 202 14.8 % bf 10/01/04
    starting bulk weight 184 13.4% bf 01/01/05
    finish bulk weight 217 17.1% bf 04/15/05

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    ive seen whole wheat egg noodles... maybe you could give those a try. I think hodgson mill makes some.

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    It's possible. Brown rice digests relatively rapidly I believe, bear in mind the additional surface area. I'm not sure whether the egg in the noodles is in significant quantities for the fat and protien to impact the digestion speed.

    Regardless, if you're bulking, egg noodles are absolutely fine

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    egg noodles still have enriched flour

    brown rice > egg noodles

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