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Thread: Sit ups (i searched...please help)

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    Sit ups (i searched...please help)

    probibly a very dumb question, probibly get flammed but i'm still tryin to learn alot of fitness stuff

    i did do a search for this but alot of logs came up

    sit ups- help ya lose weight?

    try not to flame too much ,lmao, thanks though

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    Situps build core strength. Diet and cardio help you lose weight.
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    No. Search on "abs".

    The journal / I live here.

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    nope they build muscle, thats it...

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    I have seen a guy that spelled just like that get Banned twice before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevermore
    I have seen a guy that spelled just like that get Banned twice before.

    my name? this is the first time i registered for this forum, and i'm a complete noob so.....

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    try using advanced search and search within this portion of the forum

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    not to hijack but could someone tell me how to do one of those jhanda(sp?) sit ups that that guy pavel tsatsouline loves so much? ive seen it mentioned on here but never a good description and im not sure where to look for this elsewhere. its not on erxnet btw.

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