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Thread: Help with form on DB press....

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    Help with form on DB press....

    Whenever I do DB presses, I feel like I'm working my arms more than my chest. Could it be that something is wrong with my form? I'm not an expert at all, so suggestions are welcome.....

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    can you describe in detail what your form looks like?

    When i first started DB, my tri and shoulder killed, as well as any stabalization muscles where FRIED. I did not get failure on my chest for 3-4 workouts, my arms/shoulders would fail first.

    Your failure point might be your arms... although which part(s) of your arm hurts?
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    Maybe your arms aren't wide enough and becoming more of a tricep press?
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    I have a tendency to bring the inside end of the dumbbells to the tops of my pecs which makes it much less chest and much more tricep. Bring your arms out to make 90 degree angles with your forearm perpendicular to the floor.

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    I think it might be something with my elbows...if they were too far flung out, would that prevent my from working my pecs?

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