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Thread: warm up question.

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    warm up question.

    quick question here.

    if im doing back before biceps, do i still need to warm up my biceps before i do my bicep exercises, or should they already be pretty warmed and ready to go from my back exercises?

    here is how my back bicep workout runs

    wide grip pullups 2 sets
    close hand pullups 1 set
    rows 2 sets

    barbell curl 2 sets
    hammer curl 2 sets

    im pretty sure that they will be ready to go from doing the back, but just wanted to make sure. thanks for all replys

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    Your Biceps should be plenty warmed up, and possibly even a little pre-fatigued from the chins/rows, by the time you start curling.
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    Yeah. There is no need to do anymore warm-up sets because your arms will already be spent from that combo of chins and rows.

    One thing I have been doing with my clients this week is towel preacher curls. All you need is a towel, and a partner. Sit on the preacher curl machine like normal, but instead of using a weight, have your partner hold the towel, and you grip it like a normal dumbbell or barbell, and he/she gives you the resistance on the positive and negative portions of the movement. This isn't something to do everytime in the gym, but I sometimes throw it in with my clients because, #1 they get the chance to try to hurt me, and #2 they get a solid bicep workout in.

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    You should add 1 or 2 more exercises for back or increase the current sets. After back.. your bis should already be tired.

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    Add some deads in there to
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    do you think i should wait a couple minutes between back and bicep exercises. that way i can get a decent bicep workout in?

    right now my current split is chest, shoulders, triceps
    back bicep legs.


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    Treat the time between back and bicep exercises like rest time inbetween sets of the same exercise. It should be a fluid workout.
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