Well I doubt anyone will get any oh so great info from this journal etc. I have to admit compaired to everyone on here I don't know crap about fitness. Basically I just want to get to 18% body fat, a pretty decent weight , be fit and look nice. As most people know its easier said then done.....but I already have come far..now I am ready to finish my journey. I lost 79 lbs so far...yeah I was more than fat I was obese....got into a bad wreck and ended up in therapy for two years due to injuries. Well when you can be active for a long time you know what happens then. I went from captain of the cheerleading team, dancer and gymnast of 9 years to this GROSS huh! Well this is me on Halloween this year! Much better but still need some work. In that pic I was about 240. I am now today at 227. This is basically something for me to keep myself going until I reach my goal..and even then some. It will just be boring bable etc etc about my journey...feel free to comment on anything.

Here is a quick run down...
Current weight-227
Body Fat Percentage (2 months ago and last check in)-25% I know it's pretty low for my wieght...I have to much muscle in my opinion I am working on going down a bit.

Basically I will try to log my activities and what I ate for the day. Since I didn't keep tract what i ate today I will start that part tomorrow.

Excersise for today was-
I worked out my arms, chest and back (muscles) today. I now do light weights at high reps to prevent from building anymore mucle.
I did my ball crunches-75 of them.
I did 30 mins of cardio on the tradmil at 7.0 incline...3.5speed.

I need to incorporate some cardio in the mornings..but I have been on an odd sleeping schedule with work so we will see what i can do about that.

As far as diet I am playing around a bit trying to find a good setting for me.

Any feed back is welcome