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Thread: My GF has been getting cold hands and feet help

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    My GF has been getting cold hands and feet help

    Recently my girlfriend has been complaining about her hands and feet being very cold.
    She is 26 years old 5' 7" 135lbs

    She does do exercise daily long walks since she has a dog and treadmill ect...

    If anyone has any input that would be great

    happy holidays.


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    Has she lost a lot of weight?
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    Isn't that normal this time of the year? Generally the body restricts blood flow in the hands and feet to keep the rest of the body warm (the important parts).
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    Tell her to wear socks and gloves outside when it is cold. That should solve it.

    Women have lower blood pressure then men, so when it gets cold the vessels in the feet and hands constrict more, so they get less blood. The lower blood pressure also has the body push it more to their core, to protect a possible baby, not sure on that one though.
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    Also, women tend to carry a more even dispacement of bodyfat. That makes them more efficient at diverting their body heat to the core when it's cold. That's why women always want the office or house warmer than the men.

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    Thanks for the replies,

    Behemoth, she has not lost a lot of weight recently.

    Thanks again.

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    Another possibility is hormonal changes. If women's hormones are out of whack they often complain of feeling too hot or cold. If it's really bad she could get her levels checked.
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    My fiance is always fact, most women I know are always cold. This is nothing to get excited about.

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    better she gets cold feet now than on the day of the wedding (double snare stroke + choked cymbal)...... sorry, i had to
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