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Thread: soreness after deads

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    soreness after deads

    where should you feel it after deads?

    i feel it in my lower back, and all over my quad inner and outer part of the quad

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    when i was able to do them i felt them all over my body. i used my legs a lot more than more deadlifters do, so i felt it in my quads and hams, but alot in my low back, traps, forearms, basically all over.
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    Deads and squats are the 2 big exercises. They work the whole body.

    In particular I would feel sore in my traps, lower back, quads and hams.

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    Yes I agree with all of you I just got done doing them today and I can feel them working already.

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    i feel mine mostly in my quads and my hamstrings felt a little in my back this morning but that is gone already

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    Lower back and traps, that's about it. Maybe hamstring if I used poor form and stiffed a heavy lift up, but usually legs aren't much affected.
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    I agree with pete. Mostly lower back and traps (to a degree).
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    I second that motion. Erectors and Inner Traps. Remember to throw your shoulders back on the lock out.
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    My left trap hurts like a mother after deads and shrugs. For a couple of workouts I was pain free I attribute that to the NO2 I was taking. A week after I stopped the pain returned. I also think I might some kind of minor neck injury. I haven't got it checked out yet cuz I'm low on funds and unemployed.
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    sometimes (when doing 1 rm for deads) i feel strain in my glutes, am i doing something wrong there?

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    Probably not, they are one of the biggest contributors to the lift.
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