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    Total gym

    hey my dads got a total gym (one of those slidey things that lift your own weight).

    i quite my gym about 2months due to lack of money and i am starting to get a little chuby and muscle is goin lean.

    I am not bothered about gaining muscle, i just want to tone my body up, hard flat chest and stuff. Will the total gym help me achieve this?

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    Any sort of weighted excersise will give you results, just make sure that your Diet is in check. If you were eating the same amount of calories when you stopped working out, thats why you were gaining fat...along with muscle being broken down. Keep the protein high, fats low and calories in the right range and you can get your results.

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    If you don't want to gain muscle, and just want to "tone up", all you need to do is cardio and most importantly a good diet.
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