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Thread: Parallel bar dips VS v-shaped bar dips for triceps.

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    Parallel bar dips VS v-shaped bar dips for triceps.

    My gym only has one spot to do dips, and it's basically the same as parallel bar dips, only the bars are not parallel. They angle inwards like the shape of a V. I do them solely for triceps, and I'm wondering what, if any, the difference would be between normal parallel bar dips and these V shaped ones when my goal is to put the focus on my triceps?

    Thanks in advance.
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    so long as you grip fairly narrow with your arms to your side it shouldn't really matter......
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    Also, if you keep your body vertical it should work your tris. If you lean, it will work your chest more. Right?

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    Tip: If you are doing dips solely for triceps, place your hands on the EDGE of the dip bars, facing the opposite way. You will not be able to lean forward.
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    I've also noticed that when I look down towards the ground it seems to use more chest and shoulders whereas looking towards the ceiling feels like almost all triceps.

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