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Thread: Slow down on Triceps ?

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    Slow down on Triceps ?

    I'm currently going to the gym 5 days a week doing triceps 2 days a week on Push/Pull days. I did a killer set of push downs workig up to 130 for 3 sets of 8, then finished with some skullz for a pump. I haven't felt doms in my tris for almost 3 weeks now. Should I give it one more week, stop doing higher rep exercises (15 reps at most) as a finisher to get a pump and just move on after my 3 sets of 8. Then if that doesn't work cut back to just 1 day a week for triceps ?

    Sometimes I'll warm up then do a drop set of elbows out dumbell extensions (butt touchers) with skulls to end it off. And I've even been testing myself on overhead dumbell extensions trying to get really bad doms in my triceps.

    If I slow down on the tris I know already that I'm going to increase to bench twice a week instead of once.

    What do you think...oppinions ?

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    the question is - are you making progress in your tricep lifts? if this increased volume and training is not negatively affecting your growth or strength, then i don't see a reason to change things.

    on the other hand, if you aren't making the progress you desire than something needs to be adjusted. by increasing bench twice a week you will still be hitting your triceps and not allowing them to rest.

    why not take a day of rest?
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    As for triceps my strength gains are excellent, but size gains are slowing, this could be natural but I'm simply considering making adjustments. If I drop a tricep workout on one day and add a bench workout, yes my triceps will be getting worked but not isolated like my tri workout is.

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