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Thread: why am i gaining weight on westside?

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    why am i gaining weight on westside?

    is this just an example of different things working for different people? i am gaining weight on westside more than on bodybuilding. i have cut back my food intake, and am doing a modified westside w/ virtually no hypertrophy lifts, just max power and speed lifting. yet i seem to be gaining weight easier than when being obsessive over eating soo much and doing just hypertrophy lifts.

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    Generally, it's a function of diet. Has your activity level dropped?

    Could also be that the new training sparked some growin'.

    Depending on how I eat, I grow OK training using the WSB templates.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    actually my activity level raised a little bit, as i used to go about three days weekly and now i do four. and my diet is totally lower, by a good amount. it's the weirdest thing. i wonder if i was semi-plateauing, since i did bbuilding forever, and a speed/strength routine was what i needed? i had been doing the same types (6-8 reps to failure) of routines forever

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    You were overtrained using the bodybuilding principles you had previously used.

    WSB includes a form of periodization which is allowing you to recover and get bigger and stronger.

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