It's ironic. Yesterday I was browsing the bodybuilding forum and couldn't help to smile when I saw one benching post after another, and now I come here to ask about the bench.

Anyway, I've been lifting for three years and I started doing Westside about 12 weeks ago. I've been cutting since mid September (with at 3-week break in December). My bench routine is as follows:

ME exercise work up to a 1RM (so far I've done 1-3 boards, CGBP and maxed flat bench, chave every 3 workouts)
Skulls 3-4 sets of 12
Horizontal row 4-5 sets of 10 (seated cable row, t-bar row, BB row)
Rear delts 3 sets of 15

Speed bench 9 sets of 3 (3 different grips)
Incline CGBP 4 sets of 8
Chins 30 reps (done in as many sets as needed, usually 5)
Rear delts 3 sets of 8

8 weeks ago I maxed on the flat bench. I got 205, but failed at the bottom with 215. The progression was:
215x miss

I figured part of the problem was my lats, so I increased the number of sets of lat work from 6 to 8-10 sets per week. I also figured that I had used too many warmup sets

Today I maxed again. And again I got stappled with 215... twice. This time I used less sets than 8 weeks ago:

215x miss
215x miss

Since I've had some good progress on my deadlift and squat, even if cutting, I was expecting some sort of progress on my bench too, but it seems there has been none. The only two things that come to mind as the problem are form and lack of lat strength. My form may not be perfect, but it has improved a lot since I started doing Westside. Since Westside seems to focus heavily on upper part of the bench ROM (tris and delts), how can my routine be tweaked to improve the bottom of my bench? Should I be doing even more back work? Or the only thing to do is to continue to work on form and be patient and wait to get better back development?

I'm not desperate about getting my bench up (I'm not planning on competing or have anything to prove to anybody but me), but the lack or progress in 8 weeks has me kinda puzzled.