All of the changes that have happened recently have caused me to refocus my goals.

I want to add some muscle...i know that i have lost some during that extended period of time that i was cutting.

I am not sure how long this experiment will last, as long as i dont gain too much fat, I will keep doing it.

here is the first workout

Had a KICKASS leg session

here were the goals for this session

1. saut press 300 pounds
2. leg extension over 200
3. standing calf raise over 400 pounds

leg extension
120 pounds 3x8
165 pounds 3x6
210 pounds 3x4 PR

squat press
180 pounds 3x8
270 pounds 3x6 (rep pr here)
300 pounds 1x6, 1x4 PR

leg press
150 pounds 3x10
200 pounds 2x8

lying leg curl
70 pounds 2x8

seated leg curl
105 pounds 3x8
135 pounds 2x8

standing calf raise
200 pounds 3x10
300 pounds 1x10
400 pounds 1x10 PR
420 pounds 1x10 PR