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Yeah -- a typo.

And in the imaginary formula, x would not equal your weight but your max for a given lift. But fixing typos and algebraic inaccuracies in a made-up formula is cutting it rather close to being kinda pointless.

I should note, however, that for the most accurate results, another variable, z, should be included, where z = the difference between the circumference of your wrist and his/hers. (Measurements should be taken in the morning before breakfast exactly two days after an arm workout using the same measuring tape. Measure the area behind the hand and in front of the wrist bone.)
LMAO.. the circumferance of your wrist.... haha!

But, using this equation, would mean that the bigger/stronger guy ALWAYS wins...

have you never watched UFC?

In any case, there should be another variable(s): xx, where xx represents speed. And even yy, where yy represents experience. Hell, even zz, where zz represents training knowledge.

So with that being said, now there's 6 variables... hardly a good analogy for the topic..

But I like the argument!