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Thread: Pain in lower Abdominal area

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    Pain in lower Abdominal area

    Hi all
    I used to do leg curls all the time but I had to stop. I kept getting pain in my lower abdominal area near the belly button. More recently I was doing seated dumbell overhead extentions and I felt the pain again. I didnt use any back support on the extentions. I was told that the pain was from stressing the muscles down there and that I should use lighter weight. I decreased the weight and also took time off from doing the leg curls. The pain was still there. Any thoughts?
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    You probably just strained your abdominals. Are there any lumps down there or anything unusual though?

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    if there is any lumps or anything wierd down there, i'd check with ur doctor (maybe hernia?).

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    If you feel like you have a 3rd testicle down there, it's probably a hernia. That = bad. Get it checked out.
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