Thus begins a new chapter in my lifting career. After 2 years of bodybuilding, I've decided that I'm very happy with my size as of right now and the next step is power. I'm going to try and maintain a bodybuilding lifestyle as much as possible, but my main focus from this point forward will be strength and speed. I will continue to update my old journal periodically with bodybuilding accomplishments. Diet, weight, measurements, etc.

I'm very new to Westside, so anyone who knows what they're doing, please feel free to comment, critique, slap me in the back of the head with an Oly bar, when necessary.

As of right now, my max lifts are 225 bench, 355 squat, and 455 deadlift. Obviously, I plan to see the most benefit going toward my bench at the beginning. This is not an experiment, this is not a test. I'm throwing myself into this full force. Just to prove I'm serious, I started today, when I was initially planning to start in 4 weeks. So why not cut the crap and get right to it.

Speed Bench:

Bench: 8x3x135, 1x175
I felt a little awkward at first, but by the 3rd set I got the hang of it.
CG Decline BP: 3x5x95
Pushdowns: 10x60 10x70 10x70
BB Row: 4x8x95
DB Side Lateral: 2x10x15
DB Front Raise: 2x10x10

I didn't feel very beaten by this workout. I'm hoping that as I find my way through the next couple of weeks that I'll get a better idea of how much weight I should be using.

Anyway, we'll see how strong I feel tonight when I'm hauling trays of dinners around. lol