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Thread: dad is driving me crazy with his talk about how "lifting heavy is bad"

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    5,299 dad is driving me crazy with his talk about how "lifting heavy is bad"

    I couldn't help but just tell someone that I made sweet gains with my Squats today (10 lb. increase, hehe). I always make gains (usually 5 lbs. a week), but I just wanted to tell my dad. After telling him how much I was squatting today, he went into this whole freaking lecture about how if I keep doing Squats, my spine will eventually become crippled or something.

    One of the dumbest things he said was this: "When you Squat, your goal shouldn't be to keep increasing the weight that you lift and eventually be lifting hundreds of pounds." I was thinking to myself: "Uhm...actually, that's EXACTLY what my goal is."

    He also said: "Just do more reps as you progress, not more weight. That way, you can be healthy and you can still be strong." I kept trying to tell him that doing more "reps" won't really increase my strength at all, and he said: "That's okay. I'd rather you be healthy and be able to lift a decent amount, then to be unhealthy and lift a lot."

    Wow...he acts like I shouldn't be lifting hard and stuff. Also, he runs everyday. Isn't there proof that running (slamming feet into the ground) puts more pressure on the spine than squatting ever does?

    Btw, I rep 140 lbs. when doing Squats, and my dad said: "Don't lift very much more tha nthat, because our bodies are supposed to have 'limits.'" I was trying to tell him that I'm nowhere near my bodily limit for squatting (or any other exercise). I told him that I AM careful and take precautions (wearing belts, using correct form) and he tells me that I'm eventually going to be walking around like a cripple. dad seems kind of confused.

    Another thing I told him was that if I don't lift and don't strengthen my back, my chances of back injury will probably be even HIGHER when I'm at an older age. He just doesn't listen to me...

    Is there a link or any proof that I can show to my dad that squatting is bad for you, and that running puts just as much (if not more) pressure on your spine/back? I keep trying to tell him, but he won't stop annoying me. can I get him off my back? (lol, funny because this whole argument started about "backs")
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