Hi all,

First post here..new to the forum.

My situation is this. I was born with spina bifida which has really screwed me when it comes to deads and squats. To summarize: my left calf muscle measures 15" while my right is non existant at 12" because I cannot bend or flex my ankle properly to work the muscle.

This has effected me when doing deads and proper BB squats because I cannot get the proper leverage or power to lift heavy weights and lose my balance quite easily. I am basically working with one calf muscle!

However, squats on the hack machine are fine and heavy deads(385+) starting from the rack are okay since I am not starting from the floor and have much better balance this way.

So the question is: Is it better for me to use light deads from the floor which is "proper" rather than much heavier deads from the rack? Squats as well....light proper BB squats or heavy hack machine squats?

Thanks in advance!