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Thread: unethical owner/sys admin

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    unethical owner/sys admin

    quick rant lol

    i put a blog up at a free webhost and the owner/sys admin posts comments in response to my entries. how unethical is that lol. i guess i should get paid hosting.

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    Unethical? He owns it he can post whatever he wants.

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    hm? blog comments are usually open to anyone, if they are open at all.

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    i agree that anyone can post comments in blogs... what i forgot to mention is that my blog was in a directory and no one could know which directory it is in unless they were looking through my files :P

    EDIT: there's nothing in my account except for my blog which is in a directory, and there's no link to that directory from anywhere including the index in the root directory
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    Unethical would be the wrong word...surprising and annoying maybe.

    Move your blog elsewhere!

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