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Thread: cutting? what is this?

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    cutting? what is this?

    Hi Im new to body building. I am amazed at how much information is available out there. Im currently confused on the term "cutting it" My guess is its to lower body fat?

    Do many people attempt to "bulk up" then "cut it" If so is bulking up putting muscle on but also quite alot of fat along side the muscle. If this is true can you not bulk up without putting fat on??

    I Also read in the one of the other topics where in the 90's people took meths and coke during "cutting stages" and died :-(

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    you guessed right, cutting means cutting bodyfat. Yes many people bulk up then cut. Of course the goal is to minimize fat gain while bulking, but this is hard to do for people training without any chemical enhencement (steroids) because the goal while bulking is to eat alot to try and gain muscle mass, unfortunetely fat comes along for a ride also. If you're ready to sacrifice a little muscle mass gain in your bulk, I suppose you could try and not gain fat in your bulk. That's all just my opinion.
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    ahh I see. Thanks for your reply, it depends what you are going for I personally dont want to use steroids. How long does cutting take relativly... does it involve lots of "dieting" (aka cutting down on food) and CV exercise? Do you still lift whilst cutting?

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    Yes, you still lift while cutting. If you don't lift, you'll lose lots of muscle. The idea with cutting is to cut out body fat and try not to lose muscle while doing so. And the opposite while bulking (try to gain muscle and not gain body fat).

    The basis on which most people start their cutting phase is multiplying their body weight by 12, then subtracting 500. This will give you a relative estimate at how many calories you should be eating daily to lose fat (along with doing cardio and stuff). If you don't lose weight, drop the calories down another few hundred, and if you are losing weight too fast (most likely muscle weight), then up the calories a few hundred...and keep experimenting.
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