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Thread: Help, injured wrist

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    Help, injured wrist

    I messed up my wrist a couple of weeks ago and haven't been really weightlifting much since. Basically, someone ran into my hand and that somehow injured my wrist.

    Well, at this point, there really isn't pain except when I put too much stress on it, especially if my wrists have to be horizontal. This means nothing involving a barbell, such as the benchpress, because the stress of the weights is too much for my wrist.

    I'm starting to get depressed (not really, but you know what I mean) and feel like my strength and size is all slipping away.

    Help me, what can I do?
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    I feel you man. I was hurt on the job 3 years ago, my wrist was broken and was put back together with something like 6 or 7 pins. I went from benching 340 to 0. I tried to lift but the pain was far to intense. Their rehab was a joke. So I just started doing stretching on my own then working uo to very light wrist curls. Then I bought a brace which has two metal plates running down each side. This completely held my wrist in place, I had that on 24 7 for two months. I found that with the brace i could lift as long as i stretched afterwards. Now I am back to benching 315+.

    Although looking back I wouldn't have lifted so soon because now my wrist is almost fused in place and hurts like a mother fu*@er. Go light if you must but i would go see a doctor and get an MRI.

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