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Thread: My Fourwheeler

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    My Fourwheeler

    Well, I went and bought my Raptor 660 today. I got to take home the helmet and everything, but they had to get the Raptor from OK so it wasnt going to be there till about 5 this evening so my dad is picking it up tomorrow while I am at work. I put 1,000 down on it and got a 24 month finance at 4.9%. I thought that was pretty awesome. He also farm exempt it, so no taxes. Just thought I might give yall the good news.
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    That's awesome man, my friend has a raptor and it HAULS!

    I'm trying to sell my 2000 kx250 right now to buy a 2005 kx250. Supposedly one of the fastest 2 strokes ever made.
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    raptors are big ass bikes man...powerful too but i dont know if the quality is all that good.
    i saw a pro that i know take his over a tabletop like a month after the first raptors came out and the rear axle fell off on the landing. i dont really know that much about atvs but im happy with honda so far and ill stick to riding red for now

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    Sounds good man, have fun!


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