Remember the Bob thread posted by Daniel Clough long ago? Well, today I have found ANOTHER Bob, as if there is a shortage of them around these days. He tries to be my friend, but only succeeds in annoying me all day. All he does at home is laze around and EAT, he's a chunky, weak ****.

We were once talking about chores,and he said his were feeding his cats. HIS ****ING CATS! Alota farm kids are out in -10 20mph wind, working their ass off after school. He just says he feeds his cats, then plays video games and watches tv.

This would ordinarily be fine with me, but he complains about being fat. He doesn't do a DAMNED thing about it though. I've offered him that I'd run with him, to join track with me, to lift with me, to diet with me. He just puts it off. Then complains later about his lard and lack of success with females.

Today I just told him flat out to never, EVER say anything like that to me again unless he is going to immediately start one of the above with me. He just looked blankly at me. Then waddled off, probably to inhale the ****ing twinkies off the shelves at Kum and Go.