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Thread: HIT Journal From a ThirtySomething

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    HIT Journal From a ThirtySomething

    Here we go, time for a journal from a HIT trainee who will be 34 years old this coming Sunday. I have been training on and off since I was a teen and have been doing HIT for about a year and a half off and on. Had to take a 6 month layoff until this Feb but here are my last 5 workouts and I will post new ones here as they occur.

    Age: 34 years old
    Current Weight: 245
    Height: 6'3
    Supplements: Phosphagen HP, Myoplex Deluxe
    Best lifts:
    Bench: 295 (currently do not do as they hurt my damaged AC)
    Squat: Never maxed

    Current workout exercise list consists of 1 set of each of these once or twice a week:

    Parallel Squat
    DB Bench Press
    Hammer Chin Pulldowns
    Hammer Lateral Raise
    Parallel Bar Dips
    Hammer Machine Curl
    Dummbell Sidebends
    Hammer Machine Crunch
    Dumbbell Calf Raise

    Parallel Squat 135/12
    DB Bench Press 60/12
    Hammer Chin Pulldowns 140/12
    Hammer Lateral Raise 90/9
    Parallel Bar Dips BW/3
    Hammer Machine Curl 70/7
    Hammer Machine Crunch 90/10
    Dumbbell Calf Raise BW+25/10

    Parallel Squat 155/12
    DB Bench Press 70/12
    Hammer Chin Pulldowns 150/12
    Hammer Lateral Raise 95/9
    Parallel Bar Dips BW/6
    Hammer Machine Curl 70/10
    Dumbbell Sidebends 60/10
    Hammer Machine Crunch 90/10
    Dumbbell Calf Raise BW+30/11

    Parallel Squat 165/12
    DB Bench Press 75/10
    Hammer Chin Pulldowns 160/12
    Hammer Lateral Raise 100/7
    Parallel Bar Dips BW/7
    Hammer Machine Curl 75/12
    Dumbbell Sidebends 65/10
    Hammer Machine Crunch
    Dumbbell Calf Raise BW+35/12

    Parallel Squat 175/12
    DB Bench Press 80/7
    Hammer Chin Pulldowns 170/12
    Hammer Lateral Raise 105/7
    Parallel Bar Dips BW+10/7
    Hammer Machine Curl
    Dumbbell Sidebends 70/12
    Hammer Machine Crunch
    Dumbbell Calf Raise BW+40/12

    Parallel Squat 185/12
    DB Bench Press 80/10
    Hammer Chin Pulldowns 180/12
    Hammer Lateral Raise 110/6
    Parallel Bar Dips BW+25/6
    Hammer Machine Curl 80/8
    Dumbbell Sidebends 75/12
    Hammer Machine Crunch 100/12
    Dumbbell Calf Raise BW+45/9
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    How do you like HIT? Is it too much on your muscles to max out on the 1st set?
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