Hey, i got this rugby program from one of my friends who is playing professional rugby in Europe, i asked for a favor, he gave me this program along with a sweet manual throught mail. the program layout is like this:
(now, i need to know if i need one more rest day because i have a feeling it could be overtraining, but he said this program is the ****, because it gets u fit, stronger, faster and powerful and thus a better rugby player.
(sorry for the long post)


Morning: Core Stabilization Sesson 1/2

Abs Hollow/Brace: 3x5x5secs
Bent Knee to Sky: 3x1x15secs (each leg equals one rep)
Deep Neck: 3x5x5secs
Arm and Leg Raise:3x5x5secs
Single Leg Bridge: 3x5x5 secs

Mid Afternoon: Strenght Program Session 1/2 \
Squat: 3x10
Hamstring Pendulum: 3x10
Front Squat:3x10
Leg Press:3x10
Romanian Deadlift:3x10
Swiss Ball crunch 3xto failure

Cross-training: intverals of 4-3-2-1-2-3-4 (in mins) 1 min rest between intervals


Morning:Pattern Strength 1/2 (done with body weight and rugby ball)

Squat and Squeeze: 2x5x5secs
Lunge and dummy pass with rugby ball: 4x10 (5 per leg in a set)
Swiss Ball Trunk rotation: 3x10 (5 each sides in a set)
Push up and pull: 3x6
Muil Directional Lunges: 3x6
Lateral Wall squat with swiss ball: 3x8

Afternoon or Midday:Fuel Mix Session 1/2 (fuel mix is fitness training, aerobic, etc, it is done on Rugby Pitch or track)

Speed and aglity workout
Three min Intervals 1x4x3mins (2 min rest between reps)


Morning:Core Stabilization session 2/2

Leg Raise and Support: 3x10
Rotating Ramp: 3x3 (each postion)
Prone Extenstion: 3x15
medience Ball pass to wall: 3x6

Afternoon or Evening:Strenght Session 2/2

Bench Press:3x10
Shoulder Press: 3x10
Laterial Raises: 3x10
T-Bar Raise:3x10
Bicep Curls:3x10 superset with:
Tricep extenstion: 3x10
Push ups:3x10

Stretching for upperbody

THURSDAY:Core Stabilization session 2/2

Reach and Touch down: 3x10
Supine Maul up: 3x10
Single Leg Squat and dummy pass: 3x10
Neck Stabilizer: 3x3x10secs
Multi-chop with rugby ball: 3x5 (each side)

FUEL MIX session 2/2
Speed and Aglity
Figure Eight intervals:1x6x1min rest per rep


Power Pull:3x4
Hang Snatch:3x4
Turn Over Ball Squat and pull:3x4
Power Clean: 3x4
Step and Hand off: 3x4

Swimming recovery session