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Thread: sharp wrist pains during ez curls

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    sharp wrist pains during ez curls

    hi all, been reading the forums for a while but this is my first time posting

    I get sharp pains down the inside of my wrist for some reason when using the ezcurl bars at the gym. straight bars seem to be ok, I've tried both inner and outter grips with ezbar and I've even asked for opinions of other people of whether im holding it correctly or not.

    Perhaps my wrists are too small, cause I seem to be lifting the weights alright my wrists just kill during the whole process. Could be cause I type too much... then again so do most of my friends and they don't have problems.

    Anyone have any suggestions to help stop the pain? or should I just avoid em completely?

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    i had the same problem, a shootin pain up my wrist whenever i used an EZ curl bar. it really F'd up my wrist for a while.i had to skip any form of curls for like a month for my wrist to heal itself, and my wrist is ok now. i do curls strictly with DB now, that way i can put my wrists in whatever position they are comfortable in. i say dont use the EZ curl bar, use DB's.

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    Just don't use it. My elbows hurt if I do skullcrushers, so I don't do skullcrushers anymore. Just do what doesn't hurt.

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    The wrist is very much not in a natural position when on the EZ bar and barbell. If it continues to hurt, then find something else. I tried getting a full, tight grip on the inner bends, and then curling my wrists and locking them there before starting my reps. That seems to help me, but my problem is more forearm pain along the bone.

    My wrists hurt on skull-crushers, so I started holding the weight more in my fingers than in my hand or palm. That took away the pain completely. Now, after a month or so of that, I can do them the way I started out.

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    my wrists kill with pain when i use an EZ curl i dont use it anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocklee
    Anyone have any suggestions to help stop the pain? or should I just avoid em completely?
    Adjust your grip either closer or further apart, make sure you don't hyper-extend your wrist when you're curling, wear wrist wraps, or stop using that bar and find something else to do.

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    you seem to have answered your own question

    if you can curl with a straight bar without pain, just use a straight bar

    personally I find the opposite... I can curl more comfortably with an EZ curl bar than I can with a straight bar

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    I'm with Callahan, I curl comfortably with the EZ than the straight bar. If your wrist hurts, perhaps it's not strong enough to handle the gripping position of the EZ-bar.
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    EZ bar is EZr on the wrists... *waits to be slapped for comment*
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